King Single Mattress

Get a king single mattress designed for super-comfortable sleep. Shop Here for a wide range of Elec Home king single size mattress.

Why not have a look at one of our king single mattresses if you’re looking for something a little bigger than a single bed? You can be sure that our quality mattresses will resist the knocks and bumps of family life. We have mattress options to fit every level of comfort required, ranging from soft to super firm mattress options.

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BD05 Medium Firmness Bonnel Spring Mattress

$139.00$199.00 inc GST

BD1916 Medium Firmness Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress

$279.00$429.00 inc GST

BD1716 Double-Sided Coconut Padding Super Firm Spring Mattress

$349.00$579.00 inc GST

BD20 Super Firm Coconut Pad Mattress

$499.00$599.00 inc GST
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